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The new meaning of
High-Flat Offices
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Dr. Mimar Kerem Yazgan

Spectacular Innovative Architecture

is located on Eskişehir road and right at the heart of Metro and Ankaray Söğütözü Stations and this location is one of the most important main arterial roads of Ankara where all transport points intersect. This project consists of three main elements, which are Urban Plaza, High-Flat Office, and Recreation Area along with an Urban Space that interconnects these elements.

Urban Plaza is a social urban place in-between the structures located in the periphery with access to the structures and south recreation area from all directions, courts at different grades and streets interconnecting these courts and this part of the project offers people alternative walkways, vistas, platforms, and points of attraction in addition to interconnecting Metro and Ankaray stations, business areas, cafes, restaurants, office entrances, and landscaping areas.

High-Flat Office opens into the city by establishing a three dimensional link thanks to the social activity areas, terraces, panoramic lifts, and environment at different grades. It has been designed with efforts to optimize the commercial and public potential of its location, has a high investment value, contemporary architectural perception in a high quality environment, interconnects tower and horizontal office typologies, terraced, and ensures the provision of such amenities that are required by the new generation office understanding. This building has been created by combining a higher tower in west with another tower that is terraced to form a curved shape in line with the triangular plot structure to create a large Urban Space in the lower part of the structure. Besides, there is a Roof Restaurant at the highest point of the building with a city panorama from all sides and a potential to make a difference in the social life of Ankara.

Recreation Area is an urban park zone in the south of the plot and on a landscaping area of nearly 13,000 m2 with restaurant and café zone and an indoor parking lot underneath to solve the parking problem and a metro station and this facility will create relieving spaces in the dense area of Çukurambar along with the urban plaza and serve the entire zone.

is rising together with the Urban Plaza that is created at the heart of the capital city with a modern architectural perspective. Visually opening to both its near vicinity and also the city with its High-Flat Office and recreation areas that take shape with the space, creates not only a trade center, but also a center for living and a vivid urban area where each day of a year will be experienced in spatial, visual, and social terms thanks to its urban architecture.

Kerem Yazgan, Architect, Ph.D.

Why is different?

"Because it is a distinguished
project rising at the most valuable point in Ankara"
"Because it is equipped with
A+ VIP services for the best in the business world"
"Because the only project with
Metro and Ankaray stations"
"Because it will present a
modern office concept with the concept of HIGH FLAT"
"Because it makes a difference
with the art gallery and the outdoor concert area"
"Because it will be the heart of
shopping with exclusive stores and world brands"
"Because under special
protection systems and 24/7 protection"
"Because with the Gym Center you will have quality sporting opportunities at every moment"
"Because it allows you to
live your business and your social life at the same time"
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