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A life,
at the top.
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The new
meaning of magnificence: High-Flat Offices

The glory of high-rise building and the high-flat concept come together for the first time at the . You can expand your business from 85 m² to 7,761 m² at our new-generation modern offices at the .

A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges

Breathing airy offices

You can open the windows and naturaly ventilate your offices. Every day you can get a refreshing start and your office will breathe all day. You will also decrease your energy costs.

The joy of a terrace,
both in your office
and at the Roof Restaurant

You have a terrace to allow you to breathe at your perfectly-designed, high-ceilinged offices. We expect you will enjoy the spectacular Ankara scene from the terrace of our Roof Restaurant with its panaromic design.

Reserving your seats at the Roof Restaurant, you can taste the delicious special dishes of world-famous chefs accompanied by the joy of conversation with friends.

A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges

You can park
your car easily

With 8 floors of indoor garage with a 2,200 car capacity, your parking spot is always ready. In addition, our mobile security team is on duty for your safety.

Your safety is very important
for us.

At the , both your business and your social life is secure 24/7 with our high technology security systems, including CCTV, entrance control and ID card passes, and our specially-trained security personnel.

A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges

    A+ VIP Privileges
    For your Business
    and Social Life

  • VIP Assistant
  • VIP Lounge
  • VIP Valet Service
  • Gourmet Restaurant
  • Health Support Service
Multi-Purpose Lounges Concierge Services Reception Archives&Warehouse Support Mail&Parcel Management Cleaning Services Technical Support Car Rental Services Airport Transfers with Driver Travel Consultantt Reservation&Ticket Purchase Events Management Tailor, Hairdresser, Shoeshiner Dry Cleaning Pharmacy Car Wash
A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges
A+ VIP Privileges

Why is different?

"Because it is a distinguished
project rising at the most valuable point in Ankara"
"Because it is equipped with
A+ VIP services for the best in the business world"
"Because the only project with
Metro and Ankaray stations"
"Because it will present a
modern office concept with the concept of HIGH FLAT"
"Because it makes a difference
with the art gallery and the outdoor concert area"
"Because it will be the heart of
shopping with exclusive stores and world brands"
"Because under special
protection systems and 24/7 protection"
"Because with the Gym Center you will have quality sporting opportunities at every moment"
"Because it allows you to
live your business and your social life at the same time"
A masterpiece by YDA Group, Ankara’s Center of Pride…
All rights reserved.