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A design that will amaze
even at the first glance
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In order to turn an architectural structure into a source of pride...

it has to be designed perfectly, with a modern and unique architectural form. When such a unique design comes to life at the heart of a capital city, it turns into a true Center of Pride. This prestigious project, which will soon win the admiration of the world, has been rising up in our country in the heart of Ankara, not in some distant land...

The is the newest landmark in the city, turning engineering into art.

Project Details
Project Details

Business life means networking

Experience the difference of working at together with some of the biggest, most prominent, most innovative and best companies in their fields. Carry your business to the top with the networking opportunities provided at ’s unique working atmosphere, with its high-flat open offices and new generation modern architecture.

A design that will amaze even at the first glance: The YDA Center

While designing the , our architects looked ahead, thought of the future and left today’s contemporary architectural understanding behind.

The is a business and life center with an admirable design.

At the heart of Ankara, the will be your sparkling star in the daytime and shining sun at night!

Proje Details

Why is different?

"Because it is a distinguished
project rising at the most valuable point in Ankara"
"Because it is equipped with
A+ VIP services for the best in the business world"
"Because the only project with
Metro and Ankaray stations"
"Because it will present a
modern office concept with the concept of HIGH FLAT"
"Because it makes a difference
with the art gallery and the outdoor concert area"
"Because it will be the heart of
shopping with exclusive stores and world brands"
"Because under special
protection systems and 24/7 protection"
"Because with the Gym Center you will have quality sporting opportunities at every moment"
"Because it allows you to
live your business and your social life at the same time"
A masterpiece by YDA Group, Ankara’s Center of Pride…
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