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Ankara's most valuable
spot is crowned.
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Reach your target in one step.

Even if your meeting is about to begin, don’t worry about the time because all transportation options are to be found at your office in the center of Ankara. Of course this makes things wonderfully easy, but the best detail is the metro station is closer than a step away. The is located close by the metro, with the Ankaray station right underneath the building. You can manage your time with all the transportation options going straight to your office.

Project Location
Presidential Complex 2.3 km JW Marriott Otel 150 m JW Marriott Hotel 150m Bayındır Hospital 200m Armada Mall 200m TOBB ETU Hospital 300m Ankara Chamber of Commerce 590m Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) 700m Ministry of Foreign Affairs 720m Treasury Undersecretariat 890m General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) 930m Ministry of Family and Social Policies 1km Turkish Court of Accounts 1.1km Ministry of Labor and Social Security 1.1km Borough of Çukurambar 1.1km Ministry of Culture and Tourism 1.2km Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 1.2km Ministry of Economy 1.3km TOBB University 1.3km Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources 1.6km Ankara Commercial Courthouse 1.8km Headquarters of Turkish Petroleum 1.8km Middle East Technical University (METU) 2.1km The Grand National Assembly of Turkey 3.6km Kızılay 4km Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock 4.6km Bilkent City Hospital 4.6km Bilkent University 6km

Why is different?

"Because it is a distinguished
project rising at the most valuable point in Ankara"
"Because it is equipped with
A+ VIP services for the best in the business world"
"Because the only project with
Metro and Ankaray stations"
"Because it will present a
modern office concept with the concept of HIGH FLAT"
"Because it makes a difference
with the art gallery and the outdoor concert area"
"Because it will be the heart of
shopping with exclusive stores and world brands"
"Because under special
protection systems and 24/7 protection"
"Because with the Gym Center you will have quality sporting opportunities at every moment"
"Because it allows you to
live your business and your social life at the same time"
A masterpiece by YDA Group, Ankara’s Center of Pride…
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