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Technical Specification

This document describes the technical specifications of the "YDA CENTER" project. The general design and application principles of the technical specification, the general lines of the systems and materials to be used are explained.

1. General

  • YDA Center project; is a mixed project that combines office and social life, consisting of main office building and social activity areas, shops, restaurants and cafes. Project; consists of an office building with 19 floors on one side and 37 floors on the other side as well as commercial units in various sizes. It is a comfortable business and living center with indoor and outdoor car parks and landscaping areas. The project, which is located just above both Metro and Ankaray Söğütözü stations, is in a privileged position with its 20.000 m2 urban park and private restaurant next to it.

2. Structure Supporting System

  • Based on the latest earthquake regulations TS 500- 2000 and TDY structure supporting system in the project was constructed with reinforced concrete carcass system consisting of columns, curtains and beams and post tensioning beams.
  • C40 class concrete and ST III ribbed reinforcement steel which are suitable for the static projects were used in reinforced concrete productions of the project.

3. Facade Works

  • The curtain wall and its construction are planned as "panel system" at the main facade.
  • In commercial area facades, curtain wall constructions are planned as "stick system"
  • Apart from the conditioned fresh air system, there shall be two (2) motorized and automation controlled paf system opening wings corresponding to each office shaft and providing natural ventilation.
  • For exterior glass cleaning of facade, motorized facade cleaning basket / system shall be provided

4. Wall Works

  • There shall be a wall system consisting of sound insulation and gypsum boards on the partition walls between the independent sections as well as between the independent section and common areas.
  • The walls on the parking floors (including the warehouse and common use areas) shall be pumice wall / brick / gypsum board.

5. Floor / Ceiling Covering

  • Floor and ceiling of the independent section office areas shall be delivered as reinforced concrete in the "shell & core" system and finishing works inside the office shall be decorated by the user in accordance with the user’s preferences and needs.
  • For tiles of ground floor lobby natural stone and / or decorative floor covering materials shall be used separately or in combination. First class private size ceramics shall be used in common WCs located in common areas of the floors and floors. In order to be located on the external wall and provide similarity in the project there shall be a wooden parquet-like ceramic tile on the terrace floor of the offices with terraces.
  • In the ground floor lobby, office corridors and common areas, wooden, gypsum board and metal suspended ceiling materials etc. shall be used in accordance with the project.
  • Wood, natural stone and ceramic floor covering materials shall be used in exterior landscaping areas in accordance with the architectural project.
  • In the car park and service areas, surface hardening concrete or asphalt coating shall be used.

6. Wall Covering

  • In the ground floor lobby, office corridor walls and common areas various decorative materials such as glass, ceramic, plaster paint or paintable wallpaper etc. shall be used.

7. Wet Areas

  • In wet areas, aerated concrete / brick / gypsum board partition wall and WC cabins are manufactured as cubicle.

8. Closed car park

  • In the main office building area, 10-storey closed car park with the capacity of approximately 2200 vehicles shall be reserved for the independent sections. Moreover, in addition to this parking area, the 4-storey basement, which is connected to the main office building under the urban park located in the neighboring parcels next to the project shall also be provided as pay closed car park with the capacity of 1220 vehicles.
  • In the closed parking area there is a jet fan system for ventilation and smoke evacuation, fire detection warning systems and also an electric vehicle charging station.

9. Elevators

  • There shall be 48 pieces of elevators at the project. 31 of them shall be in the main office building area, between the ground floor and the office floors, 15 of them between the parking floors and the ground floor, 2 of them shall serve between all floors and 11 of the total 48 floors shall be panoramic. 5 of the panoramic elevators designed on the exterior wall shall be located in the east wing of the project and 6 of them in the west wing of the project.
  • Elevators shall be with earthquake sensor, ventilated, security alarm and high speed.

10. Mechanic Installation - Ventilation System:

  • Office users shall have the ability to operate their own ventilation system independent from general ventilation system of the building.
  • Opening wings located in the offices shall be provided so as to operate as motorized and connected to automation and be closed automatically depending on weather conditions and therefore when weather condition is suitable night cooling and energy saving shall be ensured.
  • The jet fan system for ventilation of parking areas and smoke evacuation shall operate at the required time depending on the automation and the energy consumption shall be minimized.

Heating and Cooling System:

  • Water-cooled heat pumps have been designed for heating and cooling of the building in every usage area.
  • The mechanical systems of the common area shall be controlled by the automation system throughout the building and the system operation shall be decided according to the needs in the scenario and usage points to be determined. In this way, it is aimed to avoid unnecessary work and unnecessary energy consumption.

Fire Installation:

  • All design and selection of extinguishing and smoke control systems are based on the "Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings".
  • A wet type sprinkler system shall be used for all areas except for parking floors and electrical areas.
  • A dry type sprinkler system shall be used against the risk of freezing on the parking floors.
  • Depending on the requirements, pre-reactive or clean gas extinguishing systems shall be used in electrical areas.

Sanitary System:

  • The sewage and clean water installation infrastructure shall be constructed in independent sections office areas to allow the wet areas and the kitchen to be built inside the offices.

11. Electrical Installation

Electricity Energy Distribution:

  • A station consisting of medium voltage cells and transformers shall be installed to meet the energy of the project.
  • The electrical installation shall be designed in accordance with Turkish Standards (TS), European Standards (EN) and International Standards (IEC).

Emergency Energy Distribution:

  • There shall be a diesel electrogenic generator set designed to meet all energy need of the project.
  • The project shall also be equipped with uninterruptible power supplies to ensure energy continuity in sensitive electronic systems (environmental and building security systems, life safety systems, communication systems, etc.).
  • In this project, harmonic distortion / electrical pollution caused by UPS, computer and fluorescent luminaires shall be prevented by providing dynamic compensation system with active harmonic filter.

Lighting System:

  • All luminaires used in the project will contain bulbs with high efficiency, low energy and high flow. For this purpose, instead of low efficiency incandescent and halogen bulbs in lighting systems luminaries with LED bulbs are planned in interior and exterior lighting system.
  • The luminary reflector values used in the project are planned to meet international UGRL limitations.
  • Electronic ballast is preferred for all luminaires with ballast and kit used in the project and energy efficiency and clean energy consumption are provided in this way.

In lighting control systems:

  • General lighting systems shall be connected automatically or centrally with their lighting automation depending on their scenarios
  • In the parking areas, comfort and energy saving shall be ensured by means of the system which is controlled through motion sensors by making partitioning.

Other Applications:

  • Other systems applied for comfort, safety and correct operating principles in the project are as follows:

Other Applications:

  • Other systems applied for comfort, safety and correct operating principles in the project are as follows:

Communication Systems:

  • Telephone, ADSL and IP TV Installation

Life Safety Systems:

  • Fire Detection and Warning System, Fire Automation
  • CO Detection and Warning System
  • Voice and Emergency Announcement System

Safety Systems:

  • CCTV System
  • Card Entry and Access Control Systems

Other Systems:

  • Satellite
  • TV Broadcasting System
  • Building Automation System
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection Conductor System

Project Section

Project Section

Why is different?

"Because it is a distinguished
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"Because it is equipped with
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"Because the only project with
Metro and Ankaray stations"
"Because it will present a
modern office concept with the concept of HIGH FLAT"
"Because it makes a difference
with the art gallery and the outdoor concert area"
"Because it will be the heart of
shopping with exclusive stores and world brands"
"Because under special
protection systems and 24/7 protection"
"Because with the Gym Center you will have quality sporting opportunities at every moment"
"Because it allows you to
live your business and your social life at the same time"
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